• We offer chiropractic and massage services, make sure to talk with your provider if you are interested in receiving medical massage.
    To set up your first appointment, call our office. Please have your insurance information readily available if you are wishing to bill your insurance. We verify your insurance benefits as a courtesy, however coverage is not guaranteed by benefit check.
  • During your first appointment, the chiropractor will do a full examination to determine the best course of treatment. During this appointment, spinal or other regions may be manually adjusted to help relieve pain. Although some injuries can be healed in as little as one visit, your chiropractor will set up a treatment plan specific to your needs. They may suggest that you couple your chiropractic appointments with massage, which can be scheduled after your visit. Most insurances will cover your massage, please speak with the front desk staff for more information.
  • Each chiropractor may suggest some at home stretching, other treatments, and/or additional adjustments. These recommendations   are distinct to each patient, and are part of your prescribed treatment plan. In order to achieve the best results, in the shortest amount of time, it is highly recommended to follow your individual plan. This includes setting up additional appointments, which can be scheduled over the phone or in person. Our Family of Clinics has a wide variety of treatment options that may also benefit your healthcare needs.

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